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Daomubiji inspired braccelet by CovenEye Daomubiji inspired braccelet by CovenEye
I am currently haunted by this book TT~TT

It's a 8 volumes novel by Nanpai Sanshu, a Chinese online author. It's like the Chinese version on Tomb Rider, except that it's more scary, and the characters are built in a large group, with complicated relationships, and their stories are really touching and mysterious. I've only read 1 volume and a half via an online translation group, but I read some spoilers, and in the end it made me cry a lot ;___;
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HyenaNova Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love that firey color
TinyPasserine Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
That's such a pretty bracelet :)

Btw, I'm really interested in the book you talked about. Do you mind linking me? ;o Thanks a lot!
CovenEye Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
Thank you Sorry for the late answer. The iPad won't let me copy links so I had to wait until I get to my PC.

This is the link to the online version of the novel: [link] <-- it's in Chinese. I'm afraid that an English version is unavailable. The only other version I know is Vietnamese, and it still haven't reached the end of volume 2. This story is also available in comic form, the English version is taken care of by Concept Art House. You can see a few sample pages on their DA account here: [link] <-- pretty impressive IMO

One small notice though (I feel that I am responsible for a little warning :"P ): the assumed end pairing of this story is a man x man couple (a.k.a. gay, boylove, shounen ai, and the likes). The novel itself is a serious horror/suspending novel, but there are heavy hints especially in the last volume, and conversations that can be read "differently between the lines". The relationships between all characters stayed platonic until the very end, so even if you find the matter above, well, disturbing '___' it's still safe to read this novel. But if you are against homo sexuality, I advice you to not search for the fan work on the internet. There are, erh, many improper stuff out there .____.
TinyPasserine Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hey, thanks so much for the links! It's too bad I can't read Chinese... maybe I should actually learn it for once (and not get such awkward looks after all when people try to talk to me in Chinese). I'm glad the comic is translated though - I'll definitely check that out.

And, well, heheh, no problem at all. I, um, rather like slash, so this is actually great for me (plus, it's a Chinese work - close male platonic relationships are supposed to be expected). And fanwork you say? My god, I think you got me on the hook.

Thanks for all those links again :) Very much appreciated. Good luck with your stuff!
CovenEye Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
You're welcomed! ^^

I'm learning some by listening to the voice drama too. Yeah, it's so famous it has several voice drama CDs :"P It's very interesting. And I don't think being Chinese has anything to do with it being slash =) Most of the slash the fujoushi are tossing around here are from the Chinese fujoushi =) They also have work such as "Farewell my concubine" and the likes =)

About Daomu, the boundary between fanwork and official goodies kind of got blurred. The artist they used for the game advertisement is the one who is famous for drawing boylove stuff (Heisei, if you know her). And the voice drama for volume 8 is, well, shippy, if I were to say it in otaku's language = ))))) But the bad news is I found out today that Paramount Picture may Americanize the novel into a movie and ship one of the main character with another female character (who died halfway in the original books) :"< I don't know if it's true, but I'd be pretty upset if it is.

One more title (that doesn't have slash) of this grave robbery genre is "Ghost Blows Out the Light". For some politic reasons I don't like it very much. But it's considered the first novel that started the trend. So I think you should check it out too ^^

Good luck and have fun adding them to your collection ^^
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